In addition to sufficient capital, the construction of a hydropower plant requires considerable technical and managerial expertise as well as a great deal of personal commitment. Georgia Energy SICAV offers an ideal opportunity for individual investors to get involved and diversify part of their portfolio into the promising and profitable renewable energy sector.

Investment Strategy

The Fund and its individual sub-funds are targeted at advanced investors seeking higher return on their assets than, for example, the regular yields on corporate bonds. The investment strategy of the Fund, and/or its individual sub-funds, is to invest in the renewable energy sector (with a priority focus on the construction and operation of hydropower plants), and in particular:

- the provision of financial resources in the form of loans, borrowings or bonds,
- shareholdings in subsidiaries,
- securities.

The Fund's strategy is based on our extensive experience in the energy sector and our thorough knowledge of the Georgian market. We invest in carefully selected locations for which we prepare the most efficient investment projects and manage their implementation. Our fund is licensed by the Czech National Bank, and all investment opportunities are assessed by the fund manager and founders. Throughout the Fund’s portfolio, these are long-term investments with a recommended horizon of 5 or more years, unless stipulated otherwise in the charter of the respective sub-fund.

The collateral is represented by the value of the project with the building permit, the land purchased, and the power plant itself during all phases of construction. A valuation of the assets will be carried out on a regular basis by a reputable international auditing firm.
Georgia Energy SICAV Fund is an ideal opportunity to diversify your portfolio with an attractive yield, long-term return, and a high potential for the growing demand for renewable energy.

Key Facts and Figures

Georgia Energy SICAV a.s., Georgia Energy I. podfond
Purkyňova 648/125, Medlánky, 612 00 Brno
Fund type
qualified investor fund
Legal form
investment fund with variable share capital
Focus of the Fund
financing activities related to the construction and operation of renewable energy sources
investment shares
Investment share classes
A - reinvestment (CZK), B - reinvestment (CZK), C - reinvestment (EUR)
Fund duration
Initial minimum investment of the client
1.000.000 CZK or equivalent 40.000 €
Subsequent minimum investment
100.000 CZK
Recommended investment horizon
5 years
Expected yield
7–10 % p.a.
Valuation period
on the last day of each calendar quarter
Entry fee
maximum 4 %
Exit fee
up to 1 year 15%, up to 2 years 10%, up to 3 years 5%, over 3 years zero fee
Income taxation*
15% for redemption in less 3 years, 0% for redemption after 3 years
Manager and administrator
CODYA investiční společnost a.s., IČO: 068 76 897, se sídlem Poňava 135/50, 664 31 Lelekovice
Estimated TER
2,1 % p.a.
Depositary bank
UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.
BDO Audit s.r.o.
Regulation and the legal system
Czech National Bank and the Czech Republic


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Georgia Energy SICAV a.s.
Purkyňova 648/125, Medlánky, 612 00 
For more information contact:
CODYA investiční společnost, a.s.,
Poňava 135/50, 664 31 Lelekovice
tel: +420 739 299 343,

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